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Setup / Tuning / Wiring

String Change & Tune $15
*Classical +10

Setup $55
*Floyd Rose / Classical +20

Tuner Installation $40
*Labor charge only

Electronics $60 | Hour
*Example: Replace output jack on a Gibson Les Paul $25

Nut / Saddle / Bridge

TusQ Nut $140 (includes setup)

TusQ Saddle $140 (includes setup)

TusQ Nut & Saddle $200 (includes setup)

Bridge Re-Glue $180 (includes setup)

Neck / Headstock

Broken Headstock $240 (includes clear sealer & setup)

Replace Bolt-On Neck $160 (includes setup & tuner installation)
*Labor charge only

Fret / Fretboard

Polish Frets / Clean Fretboard $45

Hand Rolled Edges $95 (dress fret ends & polish)

Fret Dress $180 (includes setup)

Complete Re-Fret $360 (includes setup)
*Bound neck +80

Additional Info & Turnaround Time

     Each job is priced separate from the next. In other words, when you pay for a Setup, you won't be charged extra for putting new strings on. That's part of the Setup. It's included.

     My goal is to provide quality repairs within a reasonable time frame. Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks. Some jobs will be done in a couple of days. Others will take a week or more. A few will take longer than expected. I ask that you wait for me to contact you, once the job is complete. If you can't do that, take your guitar somewhere else. I don't need the headache.

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