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Effects Database

     This site is owned by my friend Bart Provoost, in Belgium. It is simply the best database of effects pedals in existence. There are over 12,000 pedals listed, most of which, have pictures. The site layout is easy to navigate and it even has a built in eBay search engine.


     A great guitar building resource for quality Fender licensed bodies and necks. I've used them for my own custom builds, as well as those of my clients. In my opinion, they're far superior to the bodies and necks I've received elsewhere.

Callaham Guitars

     If you love Fender Telecaster or Stratocaster style guitars, this site is for you. Their hardware is unmatched in quality. I use their products on my own custom builds, as well as those of my clients.

Pickguard Heaven

     A division of Chandler Guitars, Pickguard Heaven is the only place I buy replacement pickguards from. Besides offering a slew of different materials to choose from, they go one step further by actually making the pickguards fit properly.

Guitar Lab